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About our dreams

About us

What exactly defines Rosewood?

Over our 30 years of experience, working with innovative companies in areas such as; Interior design, Cabinetry making, Furniture building and Woodwork customization, and with over 20 years of experienced Decorated designers, carpenters, builders and installers (some team members are actual skilled Design and Brand Imaging Directors!).

All of which allowed us to combine a 50 year experience, and with a keen eye for creativity coupled with unmatched building and installation skills, we enabled a powerful team to spearhead some amazing concepts, producing the most precise made to order Dream Kitchen, Bath, Vanitys. Custom Master Suits, Kids Play/Bedroom, Study/Library Rooms. Torah Arks and qualitative Wall Units.

What we do

Layout design & Sharp drawing

3D Randering

Professional built & installation


Lets not waste words. See for yourself