Custom Wooden Dreams

For the dream private home, upscale store, commercial building and Shul etc.


Over our 25 years of experience,working with innovative companies in areas such as; Interior design, Cabinetry making, Furniture building and Woodwork customization


Wood quality is the number one role Mr. Bickel stands for. Mr. Bickel has developed a 7th sense in wood quality. Which makes rosewood creations stand out.

Customer Services

We offer full service from A to Z from concept to final completion plus instalation. where deticted to our cutomers with a 5 star service. where here for you all the time

Whos behind the dream

It all starts and ends by the senior Wood Master: Mr. Jakob Bikil. He has been crafting wood for more than a decade, in fact for the past 30 Years. His blessed artistic talent has broadened the horizons of the industry. Mr. Bickel takes a project from layout to a 3D render until the end. Reality.

Jakob Bikel

Recent Projects